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The mandate of this website is to assist people seeking informations pertaining to Autism spectrum, identifying organizations, programs, services, and activities for those whose needs correspond with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is intended to help people with Autism, their families and support workers, as an outreach throughout all New Brunswick.

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Using the heart symbol, you may wish to show your appreciation for programs/services/activities offered by various organizations and social groups.

Hearts allow you to indicate your level of appreciation, which remains confidential. You may also take the opportunity to send to the project team your suggestions or remarks as they pertain to programs, services or activities rendered by an organization or social group.

Your comments will not be made public and will remain confidential but may help improve the framework of the ongoing research, resulting in better evaluations of programs / services / activities as per quality levels as well as those of quantity, pertinent to diversity and availability in any given geographical location in the province.

It is the aim of this website to provide an extensive forum of informations pertaining to all programs/ services and events, offered to children, youth and adults under the Autism Spectrum Disorder banner, along with their families, across New Brunswick. But such a lofty goal can only be realized with the help and earnest participation of all concerned persons, who will share the information.


The database

Information made available on this database has been gathered from various sources: websites, brochures, e-mail correspondence, as per items forwarded by organizations giving notice of their specific activities; dialogue and exchanges with parents and caregivers, relative to the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Data will be updated as often as justified and as informations pertinent to the Spectrum are identified and verified. Any and all informations coming to our attention will be carefully checked for authenticity before being shared and otherwise disseminated on this website database.